Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Flowers and Foil

Knitted flowers
Holographic foil 


AMAZING Squat rave, 6th April @ Warehouse near Waterloo 

this is probably the best rave i have been to ever! rave spread over 3 floors of a huge building, filled with ravers and mad hatters and loud as f*** music, crazy decoration/visuals and psychedelics! SO much fun!  

 one of the rooms! mega light show! 
 loved her style! great shirt, i want one, and her bag is cute too! 
 bunch of mad hatters!
 great outfit! loved the feathered top, Big Birds dream girl!
 awesome trousers! 
 she was fun! bright colours! 
 Psychedelic visuals! 
 this guy here is cool, not a great picture, but this guy kept changing his outfit, put a skirt on and changed his hat etc and hid all of his face except his eyes, he's a master of disguise, made me think about identity through what you wear 
 I thought she was gorgeous! and loved her top :) 

 loved the blue haired girl with the bindi and necklaces, shes cool! 
 guy with dreadlocks! standard psy rave style! 
people running round with masks on is always fun!
at this party i called myself VEGAS! and wore a poker hat! only picture i have of myself at a rave, thought i'd share my rave style :)