Tuesday, 29 January 2013

really cool song and music video, something about this and her imperfectioness really fascinates and captivates me 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Veruschka  in Africa


Spring 2010 Ready to Wear 


Sound Of Psytex

Psytrance squat rave. 19th January @ some squat in Holburn

Ravers and a light
Photoshopped image of Poi spinner


Psychedelic wall deco


Pre- Fall 2012 Collection  

Obvious Indian culture inspiration, lots and lots of dreadlocked girls... Hippies in Goa? 


I love these images of Veruschka, she's like a Goddess. I feel they are very expressive of the Hippie movement, the first 4 images have strong Indian vibes to them which shows how the fashion was influenced when the hippies traveled to Goa in India where the Gaotrance/psytrance scene was created.

Emilio Pucci 

Spring Summer 2013

More lovely organic earthy colours from Emilio Pucci


Emilio Pucci  

Pre-Spring 2013

I Like the earthy tones and light floaty shapes of these pieces from this collection. 

I don't like this blazer, but i love the trousers and the dragon applique design.