Friday, 30 November 2012

Liberty Regent Street. 

A wise man once said; 
Liberty is a gorgeous shop, the atmosphere in here is great, friendly and fun whilst upholding a particular sophistication. I feel the shop is juxtaposed; the building is old and antiquated but the clothes it contains are contemporary and new, but both radiate luxury and attention to detail.


"Goa Hippies" or "freaks" are people who shared a common space and time on the shores of Goa, India during the 70’s ‘hippy revolution’. They made their way to beaches of Goa carrying little or no luggage, and with small amounts of cash, almost all followed the same route, hitch-hiking across Europe, they would hang out taking in the tranquil surrounding and live a "spiritual" life many indulging in drugs and creating very erratic lifestyles for themselves.  

Here is a video of Tobias Moss (a hippie who followed the movement to Goa in the late 60's) talking about the drug use associated with being a hippie which was a big part of the movement and how it changed his life. Drugs, sex and rock n roll.

Tobias Moss Full Interview

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Haute Hippie

Click to visit the Haute Hippie store

"we discovered and created a line that hinges on artistic and innovative design, beautiful tailoring and workmanship, and wonderful versatility....
"It is difficult to characterize Haute Hippie in a simple strap line - but that is, in many ways, the point. The clothes are unmistakably innovative and fun with hand embellished signature body accessories such as the “dicklace”, the “chessorie” and the “crapin”; sumptuous and sophisticated whether a ballgown or a boy boxer; meticulously detailed whether a hand-embellished sequin dress, or a graphic tee; and as versatile as they are practical.

 We continue to grow and expand and to draw inspiration from a myriad of cultures, genres, people, places and eras. Our desire now, as it was when we started, is to develop a lifestyle brand that brings democracy to luxury. Marrying timeless elegance with effortless style and the practical realities of global nomads everywhere.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Jewellery at Stables Market in Camden Town

Monkii. Carnaby Street. 

this shop is fun and colourful. Clothes are displayed hanging on what looks like merry-go-rounds at a fair. Its like stepping into a carnival.

Anthropologie. Regent Street

Homely, earthy and welcoming. Anthropologie invites you in with the amora of scented candles swirling in the air, soft chill out music calms you as you walk around, the walls are adorned with all sorts of textiles and textures to fascinate your eyes, it's a shop for all the senses.
It's very laid back, and market-esque in here selling all sorts from door knobs to cookery books, to cushions to soap, as well as the clothes; some of which are lovely with gorgeous textiles which i wish i could buy, others I feel are aged and for a maturer audience. It's too expensive for me in here which surprised me, it's like a posh, expensive market.
Visit the website here. 

 Selfridges. Oxford Street. 

found this shop totally overwhelming and too big. i got lost. and i felt intimidated in here, didnt like it.Although i liked the different rooms when walking round, the decorations and compositions of the spaces and the different music playing creating lots of different atmospheres like walking into lots of different worlds.  
magnificent building, liked the old columns mixed in with the modernity, almost reflective of the fashion in here -magnificent, opulent and luxury but all very modern.



Urban Outfitters. Oxford Street.

market like, has a vintage section, sells lots of nick nacks and funny things, lots of prints, lots of patterns, almost hippy chic, but too expensive. 

Topshop. Oxford Street.

Lots of different styles and sections, boutique, vintage, jewellery, knit wear, jersey, exclusive dresses etc. 
Very influenced by high fashion and what has just been seen on the catwalk.
 This was a picture from the window of Gucci on Old Bond Street, when i saw this jacket in Topshop immediately saw the influence and Topshops inspiration.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Li Zhensheng

I thought these images were interesting. The camera wasn't wide enough to capture everything Zhensheng wanted to photograph, so he took several images and fitted them together like a jigsaw after they had been printed, i think this has a really nice effect, maybe it reflects the corruption of China during the revolution ? 

 Graciela Iturbide 

Yesterdays Sandwich by Boris Mikhailov.

Saw these images in the Everything Was Moving- Photography from the 60's & 70's exhibition at the Barbican centre, i was intrigued by this photographer and the content of his photographs and the way he visual explored themes. He was a Ukrainian man living under the strict communist regime that was imposed in the country in the 60's, which restricted what artists were allowed to do.

This project shows Superimposed images, created by superimposing two slide transparencies to create one image. In a way these images are coded, they explore the prohibited themes of the era; Politics, nudity and religion. He says "encryption was the only way to explore forbidden subjects".
Each image expresses the complicated truth.

Visually, these images are interesting and make you stop to take a closer look. They make you think about what's going on, what's the truth behind each one?. The compositions of the two images also work really well to bring the two together nicely as one final image.