Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Do you see what I see?

Now I will introduce you to my rave scene, this is where my subculture lives and what it lives for. 

Psy Raves!!

This is where the music is too loud, too hard,  lights flash and spin, everyone has consumed many narcotics and have left Earth for another planet in their head, the rooms are filled with crazy decor to fascinate the eyes. Ravers play with the music, dance to the beat and juggle, poi spin, hoola hoop, staff spin - it's kind of like a multi coloured psychedelic wonderland filled with circus tricks and happy vibes! 
Nothing is ever as it seems.    

 The Magic Of The Orb

Base Head?
Photoshopped images of a raver and a contact juggler at a squat rave on New Years Eve 2012/13

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