Saturday, 9 February 2013


Bas Kosters is another designer I have chosen to focus on for this blog. I find his creations so fascinating to look at. They are full of character and playfulness which is quite intoxicating to me.
Bas Koster believes in the strength of having different disciplines in life and combining them to strengthen creative outlets. Bas has a DJ duo with Shirly Hart and travels to various different parties and events such as RAUW, Milshake Festival, Anti Fashion Party, Valtifest and OHAF at Paradiso. He has been making music since the beginning of his fashion design career with a band called 'Bas Und Sein Verrucktes Musikanten Stadle' and his other band named 'Superior Experience'. He created a collection for his Graduation collection (Graduation from Fashion Institute, Arnhem) called “two cups and a FryingPan” which was themed on a fictional image of a band, at the presentation of the collection he had the band 'Bas Und Sein Verrucktes Musikanten Stadle' play along side which made the presentation of fashion, music and performance look like an “over-the-top pop concert”.

I feel the style he creates is playful, youthful and charismatic as well as being raw and edgy. There is almost  a bricolage effect of styles going on there’s a grungy-punk yet carnival and colourful feel to some of the outfits, but many of them seem confused and a total extraction of one individuals creative juices. 

The main thing I’m drawn to with Bas Kosters is his themes he uses to base each collection and how he can translate these into visually compelling pieces of fashion design. Each collection Bas makes has a strong concept which he explores, I find the themes he choses to work with very interesting, they are the starting points which lead to his fashion designs that are a clear reflection of his thoughts and mind.
A wild imagination seems to be a key element of his design and exclusive print making process. When I look at his designs I see strange little characters or monsters or different phrases and profanities printed on them. Along with over the top, almost tacky design features such as loads of big stuffed fabric hearts attached to dresses in his “love, fuck yeah” collection or a dress which looks like a walking monster with eyes and teeth on it in his “fashion mutant” collection. Bas Kosters “love, fuck yeah” collection I feel the whole collection is a reflection of what you think of when someone mentions valentines day; pink, hearts and sickliness. Although I find the collection a little bit repulsive and sickly sweet I also find that is what captivates me, and there are some pieces I absolutely love, which is true for all of his collections, I find them both ugly and beautiful simultaneously. 

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