Thursday, 29 November 2012

Haute Hippie

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"we discovered and created a line that hinges on artistic and innovative design, beautiful tailoring and workmanship, and wonderful versatility....
"It is difficult to characterize Haute Hippie in a simple strap line - but that is, in many ways, the point. The clothes are unmistakably innovative and fun with hand embellished signature body accessories such as the “dicklace”, the “chessorie” and the “crapin”; sumptuous and sophisticated whether a ballgown or a boy boxer; meticulously detailed whether a hand-embellished sequin dress, or a graphic tee; and as versatile as they are practical.

 We continue to grow and expand and to draw inspiration from a myriad of cultures, genres, people, places and eras. Our desire now, as it was when we started, is to develop a lifestyle brand that brings democracy to luxury. Marrying timeless elegance with effortless style and the practical realities of global nomads everywhere.

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